{New Year's Eve} Champagne Popsicles

New Year's Eve celebrations will be hosted around the world this Saturday night; are you ready?!  Whether you are hosting the party or offered to bring something to the party, I have a midnight treat that's truly posh in a pinch!  Champagne popsicles!

I spotted this clever idea on Pinterest this summer.  Originally featured on Southern Living for an outdoor pizza party, I think these fruit popsicles dipped in prosecco would be absolutely festive for a New Year's Eve dessert. 

Need a kid-friendly option?  Serve the fruit popsicle in a clear tumblier with sparkling apple cider!

Has this festive holiday treat inspired you?  If so, please leave me a comment and let me know!


DIY Ice Cooler

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season!  I feel like it's just starting for me.  Last week, I was involved in producing an international government conference for the new Republic of South Sudan; hence, the lack of posts.  But this week I'm back in action to share a fun and festive idea for your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day brunch, dinner or open house - a do-it-yourself ice cooler that will look fabulous on your bar.

I made the ice cooler above for my first photo shoot at the beginning of October!  It was a gift-wrapping party and the article was just published in the holiday issue of I Am Modern magazine (yes, I'm so excited!).

Here are the instructions for making the ice cooler.

Cut off the tops of two plastic soda bottles (1L and 2L)
Place the smaller bottle inside the larger bottle
Pour water between the two bottles, and add colorful garnish like cranberries and rosemary
Freeze overnight
Carefully remove the bottles and place the ice cooler in a bowl; I used a trufle bowl filled with more cranberries

For more 'posh in a pinch' holiday party inspiration from this photo shoot, please read my December issue of party possibilities; I've included a lot more photos, courtesy of my friend, Audrey!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday celebration!