Fun Company Picnics

Last week, my family attended a client appreciation party at the Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park.  As we walked through the park and eventually, played a round of mini-golf, I kept thinking about the summer employee parties I coordinated when I worked for Network Solutions (and subsequently, VeriSign).  We hosted a few fun picnics at Dulles Golf Center, as well as pool parties at SplashDown WaterPark, relay races and carnivals at JRs Festival Lakes and even, a summer fiesta at Nisson Pavilion for the Santana concert.  The challenge was always finding the right venue ... and the right entertainment, both of which had to compliment the growing company, its culture and our employees' needs. 

If you're planning your company's picnic this summer, you're probably faced with the same challenges.  Here are a few of my favorite entertainment options that have universal appeal:

Scavenger Hunts
Worried about the heat and or rain?  Host a museum hunt!

Giant Board Games
Think larger-than-life Checkers, Connect Four and Twister!

Culinary Competitions
Who can build the best burger?!

Arctic Challenge
Chill out with land ski races and more!

Need an adrenaline rush?
Consider a regatta (sailing), rock climbing, zipline course or trapeze school!  The website for the Trapeze School in Washington DC says "Forget Fear.  Worry about the Addiction".  Love that!

Is this information helpful?  Do you have additional entertainment options to share?  Let's talk about it! Please leave me a comment.


5 Drink Cover Ideas for Outdoor Summer Entertaining

Mojito on a hot summer afternoon?  Yes, please!  Frozen daiquiri by the pool?  Absolutely!  Bug in my Vodka-Lemonade?  No, thank you!

As much as I love summer cocktail parties, I can't stand bugs, especially pesky gnats swarming around my drink.  How can we keep them out?  A drink cover!  Check out these 5 clever ideas ...

Baking cups ... this is genius!

A square napkin embellished with beads or tassels ... looks sophisticated!

Fabric atop a mason jar ... it's like Family Reunion chic!

One of my favorites ... easy-to-make, with so many color options!

And the original drink cover ... tapas! 
I like this option for corporate or networking events.  It not only looks great but the concept helps guests juggle glasses and plates when seating is limited.

Do you have a favorite drink cover idea?  Please leave me a comment and let me know!

Photo credits: Martha Stewart (1&2), Sweets Indeed via Celebrations at Home, Paper Source and SIP@Riverside.


S'Mores: Yumminess Beyond the Campfire

Love s'mores?  Me, too!  It's a fun summer treat to roast marshmallows and make gooey s'mores.  In fact, my Girl Scout Daisy troop is hosting a family cook-out tomorrow night to introduce the girls to camping.  I'm positive that roasting s'mores will be the highlight of the evening!

But s'mores are not just for the campfire; they are suitable for many occasions - from casual birthday, housewarming and retirement parties to corporate retreats and formal weddings!  It's all in the presentation.

Photo credits: Style Me Pretty, MyJeanM

 Photo credits: The Sweetest Occasion, MyBakingAddiction, Betty Crocker

I may have to quit this post; it's making me hungry!  Love the S'mores Mini Cake ... the S'mores Whoopie Pie and S'mores Martini, too!

 Photo credits: Twig and Thistle, HowSweetEats

 Who knew s'mores were so versatile ... and grown up!  So, for what occasion will you incorporate your love of s'mores?  I'm thinking of a Roast & Toast 50th Birthday or S'more Love Engagement Party.


{in season} Raspberry Beer Cocktail

What happened to spring?!  It's so hot in DC ... we need to stay cool!  While we could dip in the pool or run through the sprinkler, another option is a drink a refreshing beverage.  Perhaps a Raspberry Beer Cocktail! I know some of you are thinking that I'm crazy, that I only drink chilled white wine but it's so good ... and pretty poolside!

3/4 cup frozen raspberries*
3 1/2 (12-oz.) bottles beer, chilled
1 (12-oz.) container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, thawed
1/2 cup vodka
Garnish: lemon and lime slices

Stir together first 4 ingredients. Serve over ice. Garnish, if desired.
*Fresh raspberries may be substituted.
What is your favorite summer cocktail? Please leave me a comment to let me know!
Photo credit: Southern Living


{event showcase} Office Space Graduation Party

How do you celebrate a techie's transistion from college to career?  With an Office Space Graduation Party!

If you are unfamiliar with Office Space, it's a comedy movie about the miserable life of a computer programmer. Most people remember that Jennifer Aniston is in it. Anyway ... the Graduate received his degree in Electrical Engineering and was about to embark on his professional career so I designed the party, on my clients' behalf, to poke a little fun at his next endeavor!

Here are the highlights:
The graduate and his parents

Tie Tshirt in the background

Did you get the memo?!

Office Desk bar ...

...made complete with a Paper Jam,

Red Swingline stapler,

and [Chotchies] flair!

As well as a water cooler,

custom water bottle wraps,

and custom cocktail napkins!

Food included chips and guacamole (sans strychnine)

mouth-watering smoked ribs, pulled chicken sandwiches and so much more!  The BBQ aroma was fantastic!

To entertain guests, there were executive office toys ... decision dartboard, zen garden and

an affirmation ball!  You're Good Enough!

Music played from my client's iPod.  I suggested inserting a snippet of When a Man Loves a Woman every few songs.

The Ratio of People to Cake is Too Big.  A quote straight from the movie! Cake provided by my client.

Thank you for reviewing my posh party!  Please let me know if I've inspired your celebrations.