{Snow in Love} DIY Glitter Taper Candles

Continuing my 'Snow in Love' series*, today I have a fabulous and inexpensive way to glam up a dinner table or food buffet, or even a welcome table or fireplace mantle: DIY Glitter Taper Candles!

How often have you found a box of glitter taper candles and wished that they came in a different color or on the other hand, were challenged to find any candles to complement your special occasion?  For me, these scenarios happen a lot ... but not any more.  It's so easy to make your own glitter candles!

Sponge (or thick paintbrush)
Wax Paper

Pour a line of  glitter onto a sheet of wax paper.
Using a sponge, apply glue to the candle in long, even strokes.
Holding the candle gently by the wick and the flat part of the other end, roll it in glitter.
Place the glitter candle in a candlestick holder to dry!

Has this tutorial inspired you to glam up your taper candles?  If so, please leave me a comment to let me know.

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{Snow in Love} DIY Fruit-Infused Spirits

Want to encourage fun at your next cocktail party?  Offer homemade fruit-infused spirits!  Not only will guests enjoy experimenting with flavors but the experience will inspire conversation ... and did I mention that the cocktails will be absolutely delicious?!

If you recall from a recent blog post on 2012 Party Trends, homemade fruity spirits are pretty popular.  Celebrity mixologists, and the upscale bars they manage, are having a blast making fun, delicious cocktails ... and you can, too! 

For this Snow in Love party, I served Absolut Crush Cocktails made with Tangerine Vodka; cocktail recipe below.  To make the fruit-flavored vodka, I put sliced tangerines in a jar filled with vodka and let it sit in a dark, cool cabinet for a week.  The result was fabulous!  I loved the smell of tangerines almost as much as the taste of my cocktail!  Other flavor variations include sliced pineapple, strawberries or blueberries, and even vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks.

Absolut Crush Cocktail

1 Part Tangerine Vodka (instructions above) (or Absolut Mandarin)
3 Parts Orange Juice
1 Part Triple Sec
1 Slice Orange

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with orange slice.

Has this article inspired you to make your own fruit-flavored spirits?  If so, please leave me a comment below and tell me which flavor you'll try first!


{Snow in Love} Snow Decor

Hosting a Winter ONEderland first birthday, Snow Sprinkle baby shower or Snow in Love engagement party this season?  Then, you'll need a little snow! Even if there is no snow outside, you can still create a snowy experience inside ... which is my preference anyways!  Below are a few ideas for snow decor.

Suggested snow materials include:

Swiss Dot white linens
White china
Clear  or milk glass serving dishes
White round votive candles
Bubble vase filled with baby's breath
Crystal or clear plastic and pearl garland
Clear gemstones
Snowflake ornaments
Clear ornaments
Granular sugar
Powdered sugar

What other snow materials do you use or would think to use?  Please leave a comment to let me know.  As you can see in the photo above, I love a mixture of materials, which creates rich texture in your snow design!

For more "Snow in Love" design inspiration, including food and drink suggestions, as well as more photos, please read the January issue of party possibilities.


2012 Trends That Will Impact Your Parties & Celebrations

Happy New Year! I hope your winter holidays were fabulous and your New Year is off to a great start.

One thing that I enjoy most at the start of a new year is reading trend reports to learn what’s hip in food, entertainment, fashion, technology and more because, ultimately, these trends will impact our parties and celebrations … although I doubt anyone predicted the wild popularity of elaborate dessert tables, food trucks at wedding receptions and chevron prints last year … but it’s fun to read predictions and try to stay ahead, correct?! Below are a few trends I spotted for 2012:

• Mini meals
• Continued and greater demand for locally-sourced, farm-fresh food
• Thai and Indian ethnic cuisine

Party Impact: smaller portions, eco-friendly and tastier food options = one delicious party!

• Cocktails on tap (like kegs of beer)
• Homemade bitters and liquor infusions
• Juice bars

Party Impact: pre-made cocktails, DIY fruit-flavored spirits and healthy beverage alternatives = one easy (and affordable) bar!

• Bold colors like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Tangerine Mango
• 1920’s fashion and jazz music inspired the upcoming release of The Great Gatsby

Party Impact: gorgeous décor from linens to lighting and lots of opportunity to accessorize!

• Greater use of mobile devices like smartphones and iPad
• Voice controlled apps like Siri
• Wallet apps

Party Impact: the preference for digital communications and content impacts invitations and marketing while apps make it easier to plan an event and purchase goods and services

Note: Weddings are listed separately because they truly are unique events; however, weddings are trendsetters and therefore, influence many details found at other parties and celebrations

• Vintage inspired
• Colorful gowns
• Brooch bouquets
• Letterpress invitations

Party Impact: continued trend of very personalized weddings … including printed invitations! Please save electronic communications for Save the Dates, collecting responses and sharing event details like directions, transportation and hotel information.

What 2012 party trend intrigues you the most? Is there a trend (or 2) that you will incorporate into your next party or celebration? Please leave me a comment and let me know! I think the cocktail trends look most promising and I’m excited about making my own liquor infusions!