{Snow in Love} DIY Glitter Taper Candles

Continuing my 'Snow in Love' series*, today I have a fabulous and inexpensive way to glam up a dinner table or food buffet, or even a welcome table or fireplace mantle: DIY Glitter Taper Candles!

How often have you found a box of glitter taper candles and wished that they came in a different color or on the other hand, were challenged to find any candles to complement your special occasion?  For me, these scenarios happen a lot ... but not any more.  It's so easy to make your own glitter candles!

Sponge (or thick paintbrush)
Wax Paper

Pour a line of  glitter onto a sheet of wax paper.
Using a sponge, apply glue to the candle in long, even strokes.
Holding the candle gently by the wick and the flat part of the other end, roll it in glitter.
Place the glitter candle in a candlestick holder to dry!

Has this tutorial inspired you to glam up your taper candles?  If so, please leave me a comment to let me know.

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