Favorite Things Tea Party

I'm really excited about this invitation!  It's for my daughter's 5th birthday party but it was quite a design journey.  Perhaps you've been in this situation.  You ask your child what they want for their birthday party and they respond with a bunch of ideas and or themes.  You scratch your head and say 'huh! what does that look like?' or 'hmm. how do I pull that off?  Well, that's what happened to me.  I asked Amanda what she wanted and she responded 'I want a Strawberry Shortcake - My Little Pony - and Hello Kitty party!'  Fortunately, all of these characters are girly and pink but I was stuck on how to design the party in a cohesive manner without relying on character paper goods and balloons.  So, below are photos of the final invitation design - the third attempt to create a fun birthday party inspired by the new fuschia dazzlers (pre-glittered flower accents) at Paper Source.

To create, I printed my invitation text on 5.5" white circle flat cards and adhered the flower dazzlers with Zots glue dots.

To assemble, I stacked the cards, the first and third cards right-side up and the second card upside-down.  I hole punched the first and the second cards on the right side and inserted a brad.  Then, I hole punched the second and third cards on the left side and inserted a brad.  Viola!  When you open the cards out they should look like the second photo - 3 cirlces in a row.

I mailed the invitations in a 5.75" fuschia envelope with a 4" circle mailing label and $.64 first class stamp (square envelopes require more postage).

I just dropped the invitations off at the post office.  I can't wait for my daughter's friends to receive their mail and RSVP for a fun party!  I'll share the details - activities, food and drinks, decor and more - next month!

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