Fun Company Picnics

Last week, my family attended a client appreciation party at the Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park.  As we walked through the park and eventually, played a round of mini-golf, I kept thinking about the summer employee parties I coordinated when I worked for Network Solutions (and subsequently, VeriSign).  We hosted a few fun picnics at Dulles Golf Center, as well as pool parties at SplashDown WaterPark, relay races and carnivals at JRs Festival Lakes and even, a summer fiesta at Nisson Pavilion for the Santana concert.  The challenge was always finding the right venue ... and the right entertainment, both of which had to compliment the growing company, its culture and our employees' needs. 

If you're planning your company's picnic this summer, you're probably faced with the same challenges.  Here are a few of my favorite entertainment options that have universal appeal:

Scavenger Hunts
Worried about the heat and or rain?  Host a museum hunt!

Giant Board Games
Think larger-than-life Checkers, Connect Four and Twister!

Culinary Competitions
Who can build the best burger?!

Arctic Challenge
Chill out with land ski races and more!

Need an adrenaline rush?
Consider a regatta (sailing), rock climbing, zipline course or trapeze school!  The website for the Trapeze School in Washington DC says "Forget Fear.  Worry about the Addiction".  Love that!

Is this information helpful?  Do you have additional entertainment options to share?  Let's talk about it! Please leave me a comment.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas! I may have to borrow one or two! I really love reading your blog always so creative and doable! You are a real inspiration.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Stacy! I really appreciate your support. Ashleigh