Welcome Guests with Inviting Front Door Decor

Photo credit Pottery Barn via Pinterest
One of the basic tenets of successful event management is to create an environment ... to offer guests a positive impression and, depending on the event, to establish the theme of your party.  The environment might be your living room, private dining room or ballroom.  Regardless of venue, the room should incorporate the look and feel of the party.  One tactic, especially, if you have to stretch your budget, is to focus on the entrance or reception area.  For example, front door decorations like the photo above would be so inviting for a fall gathering!

 I'd love to hear from you about your front door/party entrance decorations.  If you have an idea to share or opinion on the topic, please leave me a comment.


  1. I love this, now only if they could ship it to me all assembled!

  2. Exactly, Lauryn! It would see like hotcakes! Thanks for reading and comments.