{event showcase} Bucket List 60th Birthday

I produce a lot of milestone birthday celebrations and love the challenge of coming up with just the right theme to fit the guest of honor ... but on this occasion, I produced a 60th birthday party based on my client's idea; she wanted a Bucket List themed party for her husband.  At first I was hesitant because there seemed to be a disconnect between celebrating life and preparing for death but I think, together, we pulled the Bucket List theme off in a humorous, light-hearted manner!  Below are the details.  I'd love to read your opinions on this theme - is it a yah or nay?

Bucket List invitation was custom designed by the talented ladies at Frog Prince Paperie.  The design incorporates the brown and blue furnishings at the party venue with a pop of orange for a touch of whimsy.

To keep guests busy until the guest of honor arrived (to be surprised), they were encouraged to fill Mike's bucket ... a shiny silver champagne bucket from Pottery Barn that was engraved locally.  This display was set up near the entrance.  Guests submitted humorous suggestions like 'sail around the world' and 'buy your baby brother a boat'.  Poster and suggestion sheets of paper were also designed by Frog Prince Paperie.

A milestone party isn't complete without a baby photo! 

Every party has delicious food, correct?!  This party was no exception ... the food was exceptional (I had to do quality control so I know)! Fusions Cuisine prepared this ourstanding menu:

Passed Hors d'oeuvres
Vietnamese Vegetable Rolls with Hoisin Lime Sauce
Miniature Crabcakes with Smoked Onion Remoulade and Celery Apple Relish
Lemoncello Shrimp Cocktail (YUM!)

Dinner Buffet
Tarragon Chicken served on a bed of Rattatouille
Lobster Mac and Cheese
Early Fall Vegetable Salad
Baby Arugula Salad
Assorted Breads and Butter

To round out this culinary experience, I ordered homemade pies - apple, chocolate and the birthday boy's favorite, coconut cream - in lieu of a traditional birthday cake.  It was the perfect fall treat!

It turned out to be a gorgeous fall evening, just the right temperature to extend the party (and the bar) outside, which gave guests more room to dance!  For music, I secured custom playlists for their iPod and a sound system.  As the evening progressed, the music evolved from Southern Rock to Popular Top 40 Dance music.  According to my client, the party wrapped up an hour later so everyone could keep dancing.  I think that's a good sign of party success!

So, what do you think?  Is a Bucket List party on your List?!  Please leave me a comment to let me know.


  1. Great idea. I think it might give the birthday boy some positive inspiration to enjoy life. Maybe try something new he never thought of before.

  2. Absolutely! Who knows what he and my client will do first?! Thank you for reading my post and commenting; I appreciate it.