{in season} Pumpkins!

Like many of you, I've discovered Pinterest (and spend way too much time exploring sooo many creative and inspiring ideas)!  For instance, a quick search on "pumpkin decor" revealed thousands of fabulous ideas for embellishing a gorgeous gourd or making your own, not to mention a ton of yummy recipes.  Below are two ideas for posh pumpkin decor in a pinch ... plus an easy cheese pumpkin recipe from Betty Crocker!  Let's begin ...

Thank you Martha Stewart for inspiring another use for my orange paper lanterns!  Just add a stem and green paper leaves for 'lil pumpkin cuteness.

I can't wait to make this paper pumpkin centerpiece with my girls!  Creative and crafty blogger, Aly Dosdall, made these pumpkins from circles of scrapbooking paper!

This photo just looks too festive ... and according to the Betty Crocker recipe, these Cheese Pumpkins are really easy to make - rolled cheddar cheese, chopped peanuts, pretzel stick and parsley! 

Do you have a favorite pumpkin idea?  If so, please leave a comment to let us know!

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