Back-to-School Celebration ... for moms!

I generally celebrate everything and if I wasn't so anxious for solitude, I would celebrate my daughters' return to school, too. However, my quest for time alone didn't stop me from thinking about how I would plan such a party. Here's my plan in case you have the inclination to host a casual back-to-school breakfast. I made it 'posh' with mimosas and coffee smoothies; the rest of the menu is really effortless yet yummy!

The [Java-Inspired] Menu
Coffee Smoothies and Mimosas
Berry Granola Yogurt Parfaits
Use your everyday china, stemware and mugs; invite your mom-friends to get comfy on the couch; and swap stories about the morning's drop-off, end-of-summer adventures and fall to-do projects. Enjoy!

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