It's Time to Party ... with Minnie Mouse

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse so when planning her 3rd birthday, it was easy to develop a theme and create a fun experience! I started with a custom 'clock' invitation that exclaimed 'It's Time to Party', then I found a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse moon bounce to rent.
For decor, I kept it minimal and inexpensive. Using ears, bows and flowers from my Disney Cricut cartridge; a Walt Disney font from myfonts.com, and Minnie Mouse ribbon, I made a 'Happy Birthday' banner, decorated take-out boxes for lunch containers, and created 'goodie bag' tags. For big impact, I bought pink with white polka dot fabric to use as a tablecloth and 10 yellow plastic chairs. I used a big plush Minnie Mouse as a centerpiece.
In addtion to the moon bounce, I kept the kids busy decorating sun visors with glitter letters and participating in a 'cheese' scavenger hunt. Mice like cheese so I cut a block of styrofoam into wedges and spray painted them yellow like cheese. I hid the cheese around the house and gave each child a clue:
I’m a little wedge of cheese
As yellow as can be
Find me before Minnie Mouse takes a bite out of me!

Hint: I can be found in a spot that rhymes with RIDE
(Answer - SLIDE)
Moms and dads helped out and the kids had a great time figuring out the clue and finding their cheese. When they turned in the cheese, they received their 'goodie bag' - a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzle, which my daughter loves.
Before guests left, we sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles and cut the cake, which was decorated with mouse ears and a bow to match the other decor items. The cake was delicious, event the children ate all of it - not just the frosting. It was a sponge cake with Chantilly frosting made by Lille Patisserie in Herndon.
It was a fun party, in part due to the spectacular weather, but also quite cute as is my adorable 'Minnie Mouse'

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