7th Annual 'Magical' Boo Bash

Last weekend, we hosted our 7th Annual Boo Bash. Approximately 30 kids (mostly under 7) and their parents joined us for an afternoon of fun. This year, it was a Magical Boo Bash! In addtition to the games, [inflatable] haunted house and tractor rides, we had a magic performance. Below are some photos, as well as Halloween party ideas to share.

For this outdoor children's party, decor was playful and practical. I topped the tables with Halloween fabric from Joanns and added yellow plastic chairs from the dollar store. To complement the look, I made a backdrop for the games out of Halloween fabric, too.
Games included Pumpkin Bowling, Spider Toss, Goblin Toss, Bic-Bac-Boo (like Tic-Tac-Toe) and Pumpkin Seed Spitting (into the witch's caldron at the campfire pit). We also have an inflatable haunted house purchased many years ago, as well as my husband's tractor for "hayrides".
Snacks included Witches' Hats and Crashing Witches cupcakes (see previous blog entry), as well as chocolate brownies, barrels of pretzels and cheese balls, M&M Halloween mix, candy corn, bottled water and apple juice.
Magic was the highlight of this year's party. A magician entertained the kids for about 45 minutes, keeping the performance interactive and absolutely fun. I love seeing (and hearing) children genuinely laugh!
The Boo Bash ended with tractor rides around the house. For many of the kids, it's the best part of the party!

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