{12 Posts before Thanksgiving} What's on your iPod?

Hosting a party is a matter of engaging all of the senses. Thanksgiving is a visual display of yumminess and the delicious smells from the kitchen hit you at the door. Other senses are engaged by touch - touch of the cloth napkin or fine silver - and of course, taste. So that leaves sound. Generally, chatter and laughter are often heard at parties - but until these pleasant noises kick in, you may want to engage your iPod and let music fill the room. But note, music impacts the pace of the party. I recommend lively music when guests arrive and then scale back the beat a bit for dinner so that guests won't race through their meal.
So, what's on your play list? My fallbacks are the Greatest Hits from James Taylor, Seal and Sting. Diana Krall is a universal favorite, as is Norah Jones. Both have sultry voices that can be heard without drowning out conversations. I can hear a fun party already ...

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