{12 Posts before Thanksgiving} Let's Talk Food

Appetizers, that is ... or hors d'oeuvres or snacks depending on the formality of your holiday dinner. Serving appetizers before a big dinner is tricky; you don't want to fill your guests up before turkey yet you want to have something to nibble on in case your cooking timetable is slightly off. I recommend something light like marinated olives with a mixed nut, dried fruit and artisan cheese display offered away from the kitchen and dining room, perhaps closer to the bar.

I received my Wegmans Menu magazine yesterday and found a great article, "Secrets to Soft-Ripened Cheese" (click here for article). It decodes soft cheese (like Brie) - suggesting what kind to buy and how to serve (set out an hour before and serve with seasonal preserves). And the photo gives you good guidance to create your own display.

For the more adventurous host, I found these small glasses (approximately 2 oz) and amuse-bouche spoons in the current Sur La Table catalog; they are ideal for serving appetizers. No doubt, these clever serving dishes will get the conversation started!

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