What's Your Favorite Font?

I collect fonts like some people collect shoes.  I can spend hours browsing pages of fonts of every genre - script, sans serif, modern, even doodles.  As I review font options, I imagine how they would look on invitations, menu cards, place cards, gift tags, you name it.  Over the years, I've collected  a few fonts - but unlike shoes, my purchases are timeless, always fit and require minimal storage.  My favorite font is Satisfaction; see text below.  I use it all the time - though sparingly - to dress up invitations, holiday cards and mailing labels.  My 'signature' style is to use Arial for most of the text and then accent the title of the event or the hosts name with Satisfaction.  Works like a charm all the time!

{Satisfaction font from myfonts.com}

Today, I felt like shopping for a new font, a font for a Valentines Day party invitation.  I found a few contenders that I thought I would share:

{Sweetheart Script, Queen of Hearts, LDJ Flirt and Heart Beats from myfonts.com}

Another favorite font that is ideal for the Sweetest of Occasions is Love Light, the font I selected for posh parties, LLC (also from myfonts.com):

So, what's your favorite font?  Please share!

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