Yumminess ... Beyond Curry!

I believe that everyone should have a 'go-to' resource for food when hosting a party or simple gathering of friends.  Whether it be a favorite recipe, take-out menu from a local restaurant or your caterer's telephone number on speed-dial, I think it's a good idea to be prepared for company.  For example, I keep ingredients on hand to make a Pillsbury Crescent chicken and cheese ring for unexpected guests.

I have a new 'go-to' resource to share with you.  Often, I get together with other special event industry peers to talk shop, trends and techniques.  Last week we met and were treated to a tasting from Priya Ammu, owner and chef of Silver Leaf Catering in Bethesda, MD.  In sum, the food was fabulous!  Specifically, I loved the Sweet Potato, Pear and Parsnip Latkes with green grape chutney.  Below are photos from our feast (thanks, Kelley!), followed by the menu. 

If you are entertaining in the near future and want to offer guests delicious food -- familiar food infused with Indian spices, herbs and seasonal ingredients, please contact Priya.  Your guests will be delighted!

Silver Leaf Menu

Sweet potato, pear and parsnip latkes with green grape chutney
Red cabbage and ginger summer rolls with tamarind dipping sauce
Chicken lemongrass lollipops with persimmon coconut sauce
Crostini with edamame, sesame and tofu
Fresh lemon rice with golden cashews
Carrot pudding with cardamom clotted cream garnished with edible silver leaf

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