{in season} Popsicles

Baby, it's hot outside!  Time for a popsicle - the homemade variety that incorporates fresh fruit from the farmer's market.  It's easy.  Pureed fruit, water and sugar ... or you could get fancy.  I found a few recipes for you, and cool popsicle molds to make it that much more fun!  Enjoy - and stay cool!

Grown Up Popsicles (like Watermelon, Avocado and Thai recipes)

{Note - do you see how the watermelon popsicles are served?  In half of a watermelon.  Very clever!!}

Clockwide: Orka, Tovolo, Tovolo, Kinderville,

So, which recipe will you try?  I think I'll try the banana blueberry recipe and work my way up to Thai ...

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