{summer entertaining} 3 Tips to Keep it Simple

Q: Help!  I'm having a party; what should I do?

A: This is a loaded question that I receive from friends and readers a lot!  My first response is always the same - whatever you "do", keep it simple!

  • Plan for a casual cocktail party.  Guests may be invited last minute; minimal seating is required; and food and drinks are easier to prepare.

  • Serve bite-size, no-untensils-needed foods - approximately 3-5 types.  Purchase prepared foods at the grocery store and assemble on your own serving dishes.

  • Skip the full bar and offer a signature drink - one drink that can be served with or without alcohol.  Want to show a little creativity?  Give your drink a clever name - like Sunset Surprise - and start the conversation!
Above all, remember the the objective of a party is to have fun, which is another good reason to 'keep it simple'!  Cheers!

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