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So much baby news recently that I thought I'd share a few recent "baby shower" discoveries.

Gender Reveal Parties
An increasingly popular party, the pregnant couple and their guests find out the gender of the baby together and celebrate!  The big reveal is usually when the couple slices into a pink or blue cake (or bite into pink or blue cupcakes), prepared by a bakery that receives the gender results in a sealed envelope from the ultrasound.  Here is a great example of a gender reveal party.

Teeny-Tiny Personalized Hangers
Babies receive a lot of clothes!  They would look sharp hanging the closet on one of these hangers from Lilafrance on etsy.

Baby Diaper Napkins
A clever way to dress up a table!  Instructions on how to fold the napkin are here.

Nursery Rhymes on the Piano
Hire a pianist to play nursery rhymes!  It's a lovely backdrop to the celebration, provides a lot of [ice-breaker] conversation and may be incorporated into games.

What is your favorite baby shower idea?

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