{summer entertaining} 3 BBQ Food Safety Tips

The weather forecast for tomorrow - 4th of July - is Hot, Hot, Hot!  At least 95 degrees in the Nations Capital where I live.  Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on outdoor party plans.  Here are a few basic food safety tips for your BBQ:

Keep it Clean!  Start with clean hands, utensils/grill tools and platters.  Separate poultry and meat.  Use separate platters for raw and grilled food.  For more info, please visit the USDA 'Seasonal Food Safety' fact sheet.

Keep it Cold!  If you don't have the new insulated servers from Frontgate, it's easy to improvise!  Chill serving dishes before use and then, on the food buffet, nestle the dish on a platter or bowl of ice.  Replenish ice as needed.

Keep it Covered! with Covermates, stretch-to-fit plastic food covers.

Wishing you a n 'eventful' and safe 4th of July!

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