{giveaway} Martini Recipes for 'tikis 'n tinis' Summer Party

To kick-off August, I hosted a 'tikis 'n tinis' invitation giveaway.  To enter, I requested that everyone share their favorite martini recipe ... and I would give bonus points for pink or orange [posh-colored] cocktails.  I'm pleased to announce that we have a tie - two winners and therefore, two martini recipes to share.  Both look great and seem easy to make.  Which one would you serve?

French Martini
Shake 3 count Vodka, 1 count Chambord and 1 splash sours;
top with Champagne and twist...delicious!

Mango Passion Martini
1 cup mango puree, 1/2 cup vodka, 1/4 cup lime juice and sparkling white wine. Add vodka, lime juice and puree, blend well with ice. Pour this into a glass half way then top with the sparkling wine - enjoy!

Thanks for the martini inspiration, Lauryn and Stacy!  I will mail your invitations shortly.


  1. mmm both sound lovely but I think I might have to try the mango passion martini! (I have had a french before).

  2. Me, too! According to Stacey, the mango martini is a Thailand treat - a perfect cocktail to celebrate my engagement 10 years ago in Phuket. Enjoy - and thanks for responding!