40 Sucks Milestone Gift

Yesterday, my family and I went to a 40th birthday party.  We took the guest of honor, my husband's friend since Kindergarten, a really fun gift - a box of lollipops that read "40 Sucks" with a gift card tucked inside.

I was inspired by this blog post from Everyday Celebrating.  The gift was so easy to make.  I filled an existing gift box with floral foam topped with shredded blue and green paper; inserted 40 [Dum Dum] lollipops; and placed a piece of striped scrapbook paper on top which I embellished with circles, letters and numbers from my Cricut machine. 

Our friend has a great sense of humor; I'm positive he will enjoy our funny gift!


  1. Stacy McGuigan6:38 PM

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I usually wrap 40 items of 40 things - takes work but watching the birthday boy/girl open every little gift is so worth it:0)

  2. clever idea ... if only I liked to wrap! Thanks for commenting, Stacy.