{fall cocktail parties} Food and Beverage Calculator

Pondering how much food and drinks to serve at your cocktail party?  Here is some general guidance:

10-12 pieces of appetizers per person
2 drinks per person for the first person, 1 drink per person each additional hour
1/2 lb. of ice per person (double up in warmer temps) (more ice to chill beverages)
6 cocktail napkins per person (especially if passing hors d'oeuvres)
Offer soda, juice and water for non-drinkers and designated drinkers

For more information, incuding bar set up and a drink calculator, I encourage you to read this article.

Another 'posh in a pinch' idea.  Need a passing tray?  In a pinch, use a charger, you know the big base plate under your dinner plate.  They are about the same size, have a lip to avoid spills and cost a fraction of the price.  Take a look ...

L: 15.5" tray - $30, R: 13" charger - $16 - both from Crate and Barrel

Are you ready to party now?!  Any clever cocktail party ideas to share?

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