{event showcase} 8th Annual Boo Bash

Today, I'm taking a short break from planning parties to show you some of the recent parties I've produced, starting with my 8th Annual Boo Bash.  The party was so much fun, I hope you enjoy!

Hosted at my home for approximately 35 children (ages 4-9) and their parents, this year's Boo Bash was "Experimenting with Fun" where the highlight of the party was Mad Science entertainment

My party space was defined by three distinct areas - refreshments, entertainment and a Haunted House.  To create cohesiveness in a large yard, I used pipe and black drape in front of my garages and then placed the display tables in front - a tall schoolroom table in lime green and then a rectangle table in front in black linen.  See the fun photos below!

Here's the invitation, as featured in this previous blog.

This is the refreshments table - complete with (L-R) "radioactive" pretzel rods dipped in chocolate; beakers of Blood Orange European Soda, Water and Apple Cider; and specimen tubes of Jelly Bellys.

Note: the "beakers" are Carafes from IKEA (Thank you, Lori!)

More goodies included (L-R) M&Ms, Cupcake Surpr-eyes, Treat Boxes, more radioactive pretzel rods, Pop Rocks and Petri Dishes filled with Lime Jello and Gummy Worms ... plus candy corn, Popcorn and fresh apples.

Notes: the cupcakes (my favorite) were store-bought that I decorated from these instructions; the treat containers were inspired by this blog (with how-to instructions); and the Petri Dish display was made by placing a black tray between a Monster candle holder and the Monster decorated candle pillar.

Kids had so much fun making their drinks - Kool-Air Fizz tablets (cherry, lemon and grape flavors) dropped into their half-pint bottle of water that was served in a cauldron.

I made the laboratory using a few notable items - Mad Science picture frames from Target (so cute!) that were draped with cob webs; glitter skeleton propped up by our favorite Hallmark musical Halloween toy; microsope from the toy closet; and my husband's dusty science books with a glitter skull and Red Robin beaker for bookends =)

And the Mad Science entertainment.  With help from Danielle from Mad Science, the children ...

Hope you enjoyed the fun as much as we did!

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