Holiday Centerpieces Made from your Pantry

I spotted the photo above in the October 2010 issue of Rachael Ray's magazine.  Created by HGTV's David Bromstad, this gorgeous centerpiece is simply made with pears embellished with craft store gemstores and nestled on gift boxes in between votive candles for a lovely display.  Nice (and easy)!

I went online to find the find the photo and found more inspiration; see below.

Glass containers filled with layers of cinnamon and salt for a candy cane effect!

Martini glasses filled with Hersheys kisses, greens and tapered candles!

Sprigs of holly tucked inside an upside down wine glass with a tea light on top!

A string of lights on the table, some tucked inside upside down colorful tumblers!

Which one do you like?  Do you have a 'pantry' centerpiece idea to share?


  1. Lindsay Schattenstein12:23 PM

    I am just starting to come up with ideas for centerpieces that are low budget for a young alum holiday party I'm planning for my local alumni association--these are some good ideas!

  2. Yeah! I'm glad you found inspiration from these ideas. Let me know if you create one of the centerpieces and send photos, too ... and good luck with your alumni event!