Cerise Rose Linens

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to party rentals!  I especially love table linens.  I linger over the textures, the patterns, and the colors - and of course, concoct elaborate celebrations in my mind that feature these gorgeous accessories.  This is exactly what happened last month.  I received these new linen swatches from my friend, Liz Waylan at DC Rental:

(L-R) - Fandango Silver, Fandango Cerise, Fandango Turquoise ... and Cerise Roses, which really caught my eye!  I love the rosette pattern ... and the fuchsia color.

I dreamed of using this stunning linen at a formal garden party at Meadowlark Gardens.  Smart dressed women chatting over tea and scones with the scent of blooming flowers drifting in the breeze. 

I'm still dreaming of this lovely party ... and keep wishing for a client opportunity to plan it ... but in the interim, I saw the linen in action twice this week and wanted to share it with you. 

at this year's Leukemia and Lymphoma Ball ...

... and at the Engaging Affairs' display at Engaged! Magazines' premier wedding event.

Simply stunning!

Did you know? Linens are a smart investment when your decor budget is limited.  Like fresh paint on walls, linens offer tremendous impact on your party space.

Now, are you a linen junkie like me? If so, tell me about your new favorite linen.

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  1. I've sewn my linens for just about every party I've thrown in the last year. My favorite thing to do is to layer fabrics on the top of the table over big ruffled table skirts and bunch them up...makes it look fancy without a fancy cost!