{party trends} Drink Tags

The days of losing your drink at a party are over! The increasingly popular trend is to tag your drink (or embellish your glass, for the stylish party people!). Below are just a few clever ideas, and many are easy to make yourself.

Personalized drink tag adhered to the bottom of the wine glass.

Start the conversation with these quirky tags.

Inexpensive chalkboard paper - and reusable!

Washi tape. So cool!

Crafty ... and stylish.

Perfect for the kiddos!

Do you tag your drinks? If so, please leave me a comment letting me know how!

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  1. Liz Days8:31 PM

    Oh - The washi tape. Brilliant! Also love the striped paper straws! Mostly seem pretty overpriced, but found a decent price here: http://www.graygoose.com/collections/all/products/paper-straws