Cupcake Cake Pop Mold

My friend, Audrey, gave me a gift last weekend ... a cupcake cake pop mold from My Little Cupcake!  It's so cute ... as well as practical and really easy to use!  As a matter of fact, here's my true story.

Last night, I realized that my daughter needed a treat to give her teacher this morning (it's Teacher Appreciation Week).  So I made cupcake cake pops at 10:00 pm.  How?  I used a no-bake "cake" recipe of Oreos and cream cheese (yum!) and rolled the mixture into 1" balls.  I chilled the balls overnight and made cupcake molds this morning. 

To decorate, I dipped the cupcakes in frosting, embellished with sprinkles and popped the cupcake on a lollipop stick.  Voila!  I made about 24 cupcake cake pops in less than 1 hour.  Clean up probably took longer ... =)

Here are the cupcake cake pops for Ms. Toth ... and extras for other teachers and of course, afternoon snack for my girls!

No-Bake Oreo Recipe
1 package of Oreo sandwich cookies (any flavor)
8 oz container of cream cheese

Grind cookies in food processor.  Add cream cheese and mix by hand.

Other time-saving Cake Pop ideas include:
  • Use canned frosting in lieu of candy melts to decorate; microwave at 50% for a few seconds.
  • Use styrofoam sheet to stand cake pops

Cake pops are so popular, even Starbucks has joined the craze!  Do you make cake pops?  If so, what are your secrets for cake pop success?


  1. OMG Love it. I have tried making the cake pops a few times and with NO success, this look fool proof:0) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Me, too, Stacy - that's why I had to share! The best part - the mold is only $5.95 and there's a party pack option, too! As always, thanks for reading ... and commenting!