Let's Chill by the Grill

Hosting the company picnic or casual gathering of family and friends and need a theme?  Invite your guests to 'Chill by the Grill'!

This theme is so versatile!  You could:
  • Fire up hamburgers and hot dogs while guests relax
  • Grill chicken and veggie kabobs and serve refreshingly cold, flavored smoothies
  • Sear 'surf and turf' while guests 'chill' with personal neck massages or ice sculpture competitions
Each option is increasingly more complex and accordingly, more expensive.  The best option depends on your guests, budget and reason for celebrating!

So, which option appeals to you?  Or do you have other suggestions to bring the 'Chill by the Grill" theme to life?!  Leave a comment and let me know; I love to exchange clever ideas!

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