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We're half way through summer so before you send the kids back to school or close up your pool, host a cool outdoor movie party!  It's so much fun - and I've got the game plan to get you started ... just read on for inspiration.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I hosted a party to celebrate our birthdays.  We wanted a casual, family-friendly party to allow many friends to attend.  We decided on an outdoor movie, which would entertain the children while the adults mingled.

After all these years, we're still cool!

The invitation was really simple.  I hand-stamped the fan on poppy PS circle labels, printed the rest from a Word document and tucked the invitation into a navy blue #10 envelope.

This fan is an antique treasure found on etsy!  Not only is it a retro fan but it's orange and blue, which complemented my party colors!  It became the centerpiece of my cool concession stand.

We're movie fans!

Door sign sent guests around to the back of the house, where they voted for their favorite movie - Ice Age and Happy Feet (cold movies) or Shrek Forever After (new release).

The movie screen was set up on the pool deck so we placed chairs in front as well as on the upper deck.  I used existing seating (orange!) and enhanced the space with twill cotton linens, navy blue runners, orange lanterns with fresh blue purim and delphinium, candles and fun pillows.

Other pops of color came from food, drinks and decor!

Since the movie started at 8:30, food was light and simple.  Concessions included boxed movie candy, popcorn and two-bite vanilla cupcakes embellished with sugared orange slices.  I also served cantelope balls and blueberries (which complemented my color scheme); crab artichoke dip with pita chips (yum!); and baked raviolis.

The cocktails were my favorite part of the party!  Once again, thinking about my color scheme, I selected orange and blue cocktails - Orange Iced Tea and Blueberry Sangria Lemonade.  The latter is my new favorite summer cocktail!  Also, I offered bottled water (embellished with strips of fabric and ribbon) and assorted soda, including fanta (get it, fan-ta!!).  Drinks were served in blue plastic cups and garnished with orange slices.

fan-tastic fun!!  I know - enough already, but I was having fun!

Aside from the movie, there were glass firefly jars (topped with orange and blue fabric) and bubble wands (to wave!) to keep children busy and entertained.

Happy Feet was the most voted movie.  Many children and adults enjoyed it; however, the lesson learned is to select the movie that your children want to watch.  When they sit and watch, other children will too!

We used our own movie equipment but many rental options exist; just Google it.

Did this party inspire you to host a cool outdoor movie party?  If so, please leave a comment and let me know!

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