{in season} Gourd-geous Tablescape

Last weekend, during the east coast snow storm, my family visited our local pumpkin patch; it was two days before Halloween and we were without pumpkins!  We found little ones for the girls and perfectly round pumpkins for my husband and I.  I turned my pumpkin into a vase, filled it with seasonal flowers and placed it our dining room table.  I'm not one to brag but I really think it's gourd-geous! What do you think?

To make your own pumpkin vase, select a medium-size, not-too-tall pumpkin.  Cut the top and gut it.  Place flowers inside a glass container and then, insert this container into the pumpkin.  Voila!  In 10 minutes or less you have a gourd-geous floral arrangement, too!

More photos and posh in a pinch tips of my Gourd-geous Gatherings tablescape may be found in this month's party possibilities newsletter.  I invite you to read it and let me know if you like the butternut squash vases, mink brown satin table linens, place setting embellishments and leaf-shaped butter!

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