April Showers Bring May Babies

Clever title?  Too cute, I think!   I can't take credit for it though.  I was inspired by a recent blog from the Birthday Girl, who created an inspiration board for an upcoming baby shower.  Check it out, it's nicely done - in a fresh, modern way!

I've come across quite a few blogs lately showcasing fabulous baby showers and they reminded me of a special baby gift that I gave to a friend last month and have been meaning to share - because people who like posh parties also like giving posh gifts, correct?  My special gift was the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit written by Josie Bisset (remember her from the original Melrose Place?).  It's a super cute book, nicely written with awesome graphics and fun tickle mitts to make baby squeal with laughter.  Heidi Kallet at The Dandelion Patch recommended it to her newsletter readers and I agree, it's a special baby gift.

One more baby thought.  Have you heard of a Baby Sprinkle?  I just learned about this; apparently its quite a popular trend ... for good reason.  It's a party to honor a mom who is having another baby.  The focus is celebrating motherhood, friendship and the pending arrival of the new baby, not on showering the mom with gifts.  As a mom with 3 girls, I really like this party idea!

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