Edible Table Centerpiece

Recently, I was inspired by a Hostess with the Mostess blog on edible centerpieces.  When a client asked me for decor ideas for her  husband's "Let's Get Cooking" 50th birthday party, I knew exactly what to suggest - and ultimately create.  Tonight is the party.  Below is a photo of my [edible] veggie centerpiece.  What do you think?

I love flowers but they don't last, tend to overpower the aroma of food and sometimes make guests sneeze.  The vegetable centerpiece, on the otherhand, is just as colorful, edible and the perfect complement to a cooking party.

The display was easy to make.  I purchased broccoli, purple cauliflower, English cucumber, yellow and red cherry tomatoes and radishes.  I cleaned the produce and cut into pieces.  I inserted the vegetables into assorted lengths of bamboo skewers and inserted them into floral foam.  I filled in the gaps with rosemary.  For the finale, I filled the 5" square vase with dry black beans.  For the party, I'll put a small ramekin of dip out with the display and have extra vegetable skewers to replenish.

Are you ready to make your own edible centerpiece?  If so, send me photos to share with our readers!

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