What are You Wearing to the Party?

Whether your hosting fancy cocktail party this spring or a backyard BBQ later in the summer, take the 'posh' route and offer your guests guidance on what to wear ... on the invitation.  Not quite sure what to say?  No worries!  How about ...

Smart Casual
Replaces Business Casual, which never made sense beyond a business function. Good for when you want your guests to really dress up ... blazer and nice pants for the men, pantsuit or skirt for the ladies.

Casual Chic
The new Dressy Casual.  Ideal for when you want your guests to dress up ... in their jeans.

Festive Attire
Appropriate for a holiday party. Think Smart Casual with a themed tie, sweater or scarf.

and of course, perennial favorites like Beach, Island or Tropical and Casual!

For additional dress attire guidance, please visit Emily Post's Everyday Etiquette for Entertaining.

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