Be Mine Mojitos and other Love Potions

Have you ever looked for one thing only to discover another thing, and it looks better than the original thing?  That's what happened this morning. I was looking for a love potion and discovered Be Mine Mojitos ... as well as Cupids Kiss, Hope Floats and Love Potion #9 on Oprah's Valentine's Day Cocktail Menu

Be Mine Mojito - I like this berry much!

1 1/2 ounces Bacardi Razz (white rum optional)
1 ounce simple syrup
1/2 lime , freshly squeezed
12 to 14 fresh mint leaves
4 raspberries
4 blackberries
Sprig of mint

In a tall glass, lightly muddle the lime juice, 3 raspberries, 3 blackberries, simple syrup and mint leaves. The trick is to muddle just enough to release the oils from the mint leaves while leaving them intact. Add crushed ice and rum, and top with soda. Stir until the outside of the glass begins to frost. Garnish with the leftover berries speared with a mint sprig. Serves 1.

Cupid's Kiss - pucker up for chocolate!

Hope Floats - a little bubbly with sorbet is like a lot of XOXO's!

Love Potion #9 - this recipe serves a crowd!

Cheers to a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration!


  1. I am so making all of these this weekend:0)

  2. We'll compare notes on Monday!

  3. I'm really thirsty right now... It's happy hour right now SOMEWHERE in the world...

    1. It's the mojito, right?! It looks tastier than any breakfast smoothie ... or 5 o'clock cocktail =)