Be My Valentine Chocolate Covered Spoons

If you are looking for a last minute, easy to make and unique Valentine treat for tomorrow, let me suggest Chocolate Covered Spoons ... the perfect complement for hot chocolate!  Yes, I just made some for my girls' party this afternoon.  That's my photo below.

I really wish that I could remember who inspired me to make these charming treats because they are so easy to make.  Basically, I melted white chocolate chips in a double-boiler; dipped the plastic spoon into the chocolate; added a dash of sprinkles; and let it dry on wax paper.  To speed up the drying process, I put the spoons in the refigerator.  Once dried, I put the spoons in a plastic treat bag.

I'm so happy with the outcome of this treat! I hope my daughters' friends enjoy them with their hot chocolate.

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