Mythbusters Photo Booth Fun

If you are hosting a party and want inexpensive interactive entertainment, add a photo booth!  Photo booths are fun for people of all ages. 

Need proof?  Here are photos from my family's recent Valentine's Day party.  For less than $50, I created a photo booth with a fabric backdrop, a few props and chalkboard speech bubbles.  The result was priceless!  Mild-mannered children became outrageously funny with mustaches, big red lips and feathered glasses ... and parents had a blast watching them.

The theme of our Valentine's Day party was Mythbusters, a family favorite TV show.  The original idea was to 'bust' [Valentines] myths (read this post to learn more) but then I came across a silhouette of the hosts' beret, glasses and mustaches (yellow mugs below); it reminded me of the popular mustache-on-a-stick photo booth props ...and totally changed my game plan! 

Just for kix, we did test one myth ... the popular 'will Coke explode when a mentos (candy) is added'.  Confirmed! Just ask my husband, who got sprayed with Coke and still smiled for the kids =)

The rest of the details (photos below) included red, pink and hearts decor; arts and crafts activities like decorate-your-own heart place setting, sunglasses and speech bubble); chocolate-covered spoon favors; and a dessert table that included a big cookie, heart-shaped brownies, fruit with heart-shaped watermelon and a tower of cupcakes plus bowls of M&Ms and Hershey's Hug & Kisses.

I hope that I've inspired you to incorporate photo booth fun into your next party or celebration.  Hands down, this party was my most successful kids party because they loved the photo booth ... and as a special events professional, I've witnessed countless numbers of adults enjoy photo booths at weddings, birthdays, corporate gatherings and networking receptions, too!


  1. Photobooths are my favorite at parties!

  2. Mine, too ... now! My nephew never participates in my girls' parties but that changed this time. I got so many photos of him having 'photo booth' fun! Thanks for reading and commenting, Paula.