{event showcase} Star Wars Glam

Star Wars ... glamorous? Absolutely, when you offer spa treatments to celebrate a 6 year old's Jedi Training!  Read on for all of the event details ...

The glam invitation was designed by Frog Prince Paperie!  The Princess Leia silhouette is a take on the popular Vintage Barbie look ... and yes, that's the popular IKEA frame!

The party was brought to life with a little decor including silky linens, craft feather boas, lots of ribbon and large colorful gerbera daisies!

It's probably an understatement to write that the birthday girl is a Star Wars fan!  She recounted more movie trivia than even Princess Leia remembered.  But Princess Leia was very believable!

The Nail Salon was two dining room chairs with comfy throw pillows, scented candles, small table and little girl magazines.  Two nail technicians gave each guest a manicure complete with lotion and glittery flower embellishments.

While the girls took turns receiving manicures, they also decorated light sabers (made from pool noodles) and enjoyed spa snacks and galactic treats - items like Chewbacca Chips 'n Dip, Padme Pinwheels, Luke Skywalker Skittles, Darth Vader Dark Chocolate, Galactic Starbursts and Jedi Juice. 

The snack buffet table was decorated with my husband's vintage Millenium Falcom and Star Wars figurines.  Custom snack box and water bottle labels designed by Frog Prince Paperie.

About an hour into the party, Princess Leia arrived.  The birthday girl was pleasantly surprised and then, dumbfounded when Princess Leia said "You know my brother, Luke?" He sent his regrets and birthday wishes.

It was unexpectedly warm so Princess Leia invited the girls to bring their light sabers outdoors for Jedi Training.  She had their complete attention for at least 30 minutes; they had so much fun!  At the end, the birthday girl received an "official" training certificate.

The party finished up with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with a Wookie Cookie (chocolate chip cookie) and photos with Princess Leia.  The birthday girl really enjoyed her special princess one-on-one time!

Guests received spa trinkets - manicure set and eye mask (both from Michaels $1 bin), Skittles chapstick and "I Love Bling" hand sanitizer with matching backpack holder (from Bath and Body Works) - all tucked into a blue glitter basket (Target $1 bin), which was embellished with yellow ribbon and custom favor tag.

Thank you to these vendors who contributed to the success of my party:

I hope you enjoyed my party and found inspiration to tackle complex themes!  In fact, tell me about a time you planned an unlikely theme.


  1. OMG wasn't sure how you were going to pull this off but in true creative spirit - YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Such a challenging theme! But you did it with a great deal of creativity and style! Love it!!

  3. Marvelously done, with a challenging, but FABULOUS theme!

  4. Sherry12:27 AM

    Had to see it to believe it...very nice!

  5. Ladies, thank you for taking a moment to read and comment about my fun party! I really appreciate your kind words.

  6. Wonderful party! So creative!

  7. brilliant! just raved about this part on my blog.:)

  8. This is the best party idea ever!!!!! I'll take Princess Leia over any Disney Princess. I even have a Lego Princess Leia keychain :) Jedi Princesses rock!