Posh Club Attire

Artwork by Aaron Camper of Sublime Creations, LLC

I'm lending my event management skills to help produce the Awards Ceremony at the ISES DC Capital Awards Gala on Sunday, April 10 (which is why I was MIA last week).  In the midst of planning, I received an email from my friend:

I noticed that the gala dress is posh club attire.  Not sure that I know what that means!  Yikes, I can’t go do the club scene to find out.  Do you know what it means?

Interpreting dress attire can be tricky!  Event planners, myself included, like showing off their creativity and mixing up the fun with quirky dress requests that complement the party theme ... but sometimes that confuses our guests.  Please accept our apologies!

I came across this great article that summarizes and interprets the different types of dress codes.  Not surprisingly, the title of the article is "Decoding the Dress Code".  The best tip is #4 ... Informal is Smart Casual.  I really wish more people knew this etiquette.

As for Posh Club Attire, it's urban formal ... or is that still too confusing?!

How would you define Posh Club Attire?  Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

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