Star Wars Glam: DIY Light Sabers

I've been remiss in blogging lately!  I was preparing for the 16th Annual Capital Awards Ceremony hosted by the Greater Washington, DC chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES DC for short).  The event was held on Sunday evening at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring and was part of a much larger, over the top Gala hosted at the Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza.  Despite a few glitches, like missing awards determined 2 hours out, the Awards Ceremony was awesome.  I look forward to sharing the highlights next week.

At the Awards Ceremony, I had the good fortune of working with "Princess Leia" again, only this time she was Ava Gardner ... a la Glamour Gal who passed out awards on stage.  It was awesome!  We reminsced about Jedi Training ... remember this:

If you are hosting a Star Wars party, you need light sabers, correct?!  While you could buy light sabers that really glow, I made them from inexpensive pool noodles decorated with duct tape.  Yes, for about $1.00 each, I made light sabers that held up at the party and are still going strong in the play room!

How to:
Cut one (1) pool noodle in half
Tape the cut edge with grey duct tape - about 6" deep - to create the holder
Use black electrical tape to embellish the holder
Use colorful duct tape to further embellish the light saber

So, if you had a light saber, how would you decorate it?  Polka dots? Stripes? Rainbow of colors?


  1. I made them from inexpensive pool noodles decorated with duct tape. swtor credits
    swtor credits

    1. It was super easy, right? And amazingly, its the one toy in the house that isn't broken and still played with! Thanks for reading and commenting.