From my dinner table to yours, Merry Christmas!

This morning, I was playing around with table decor. My menu was in limbo and I still had groceries to buy but I was anxious to decorate the table, my favorite thing to do when hosting a party. Like many of you, I've come across so many great holiday ideas this year (what a creative world we live in!) and remembered two table decor ideas. One idea was a "mitten" place setting (via marthastewart.com), perfect for any winter holiday/Winter Wonderland theme. The other idea was a "bow" place setting, as if wrapping up your china like a Christmas gift (via Next Door with Katie Brown). So, in a pinch, I tried both ideas out this morning and I thought I would share them with you; see photos above.

Using my girls new snow accessories, I created a snow man place setting, which is quite adorable, as well as a colorful hat place setting with a "chair sash" made from a matching scarf, which is quite festive, too!

For the bow place setting, I had red wired ribbon on hand; it looks pretty though I'm positive other people (like my mother) can do a much better job at making a bow. To enhance the look, you could also use an ornament tied to the ribbon. To complete my 'posh in a pinch' Christmas tablescape, I clipped holly and pinetree branches from my yard and put them in a glass bowl with Christmas ornaments (red glass balls and a sparkly snowflake).
These place setting ideas can be used for other dinner parties, too. As I mentioned, the mitten concept would work for any winter party and the bow place setting would be ideal for any "gift" occasion like birthdays and anniversaries.
However, you dress your table, may it be 'posh' (preferably in a pinch) and above all, enjoy your meal in the company of family and friends! Merry Christmas to you.

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