Happy Hanukkah ... DIY Menorahs

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. It reminds me of the first night of Hanuakkah in 2002. My husband and I were still newly married and expecting our first baby (who just turned 7 this week!). We invited his parents over for dinner. I made a menorah using my favorite Crate & Barrel wine glasses (8 'white' plus 1 'red' for the shamash candle) and blue glass beads from Michaels (you can kind of see my menorah in the photo above). I'm not Jewish but I recall my mother-in-law being impressed by my creativity. I was inspired by a Martha Stewart article (photo above, click here to read). This year, I came across a similar article in Real Simple; it suggested unfinished candlestick holders (photo above, click here to read).
Regardless of your religious affiliation, if you're celebrating Hanukkah this year with someone special and need a quick menorah, I hope I've inspired you with these 'posh in a pinch' clever ideas. Happy, happy!

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