4 Across: My Favorite Custom Puzzle Designer on Etsy

Most everyone has their favorite etsy shop; mine is LoveSmartDesign!  Owner, puzzler & designer, Ursula Mead, creates custom puzzles and games that are ideal gifts for weddings, anniversaries, [milestone] birthday and other special occasions.  She also offers Bingo (icebreaker) cards which would be fun entertainment for any party where guests don't know each other well!

I discovered LoveSmartDesign when looking for a unique gift for my older sister's birthday a few months ago.  Armed with about 20 "anecdotal bits of growing-up trivia", Ursula whipped up a personalized crossword puzzle.  I was so impressed by the clues, professional look and quick turn-around that I had another puzzle made for my mother-in-law's milestone birthday last month.  No surprise, everyone in my family might be getting a custom puzzle for their birthday this year - it's that much fun to create and give this unique gift!

So, I told you about my favorite etsy shop (and I encourage you to visit LoveSmartDesign- often); which etsy shop do you heart?

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