{Party Trends} Universal Charging Stations

This week, I'm exploring party trends to keep you up-to-date on what's new and cool!  Today, it's technology ... but don't tune me out yet; this one is easy to understand.  Universal Charging Stations.

Parties are face-to-face gatherings; however, with the popularity of social media, people connect, text, tweet and blog on the go more than ever, not to mention phone calls and googling.  Keep your guests happy by offering a universal charging station (or two) at your next party.  These stations neatly allow multiple guests to re-charge their mobile devices ... so they can keep talking about your great party!

 Not convinced?  The traditional world of wine tastings are being revolutionized by Sip and Twit TM events.  Today, twits from educational conferences and networking receptions; tomorrow, tweets from your wedding or backyard BBQ.  It's happening ... be ready!

Thoughts?  Do you offer guests a charging station at your events?  Tell us what else do you do to incorporate technology into your events.

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