Please, help yourself ... Stylish Cold Beverage Dispensers

I love spring! The days are getting longer, the temparatures are getting warmer and our [home] party space extends from the kitchen and dining room to the deck or patio.  Ahh, time for outdoor entertaining!

I saw this yummy pink lemonade cocktail on the Social Couture blog last week; it looked so refreshing (especially, on a 90 degree day)!  Their cocktail was served in a mason jar (quite clever, if not inexpensive) and it made me wonder about stylish beverage dispensers - yes, my mind jumped beyond the glass to pretty yet practical beverage containers because outdoor entertaining should be effortless for the hostess and her guests.  A little research revealed a lot of options - traditional, modern, stand, no stand, etc.; see some of the options in the photo above.  From left to right: Crate and Barrel, Classic Hostess, Pottery Barn, Horchow, Classic Hostess and Home Wet Bar.  So, please, help yourself ...

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