{Party Trends} Food Pairings

The concept of pairing foods with beverages is not new; sommeliers suggest wines for menus all the time.  But what about pairing a 5 course dinner with a selection of beers or any cocktail of choice for that matter?  It's happening and more often ... because it's fun and entertaining, and let's face it, when you party you have to eat and drink, correct?  Absolutely!

Recently, my good friends at Fusions Cuisine told me (enthusiastically!) about a beer pairing event they produced for a client.  Sounded like fun.  Then, another friend told me about a whiskey pairing event -with cheese and chocolate.  That, too, sounded really good!  Food pairing events seemed like a trend that I needed to investigate!  Below is some of my research in case you want to create your own pairings event:

Dare to Pair Cocktails and Food (good overview on pairings)
CheeseCupid.com - a drink and cheese pairings web site (you're going to love this one!)
FoodPairing.be -easy to use tool for determining 'what goes well with..' 

Supposedly, tequila is a highly versatile spirit, ideal for pairing with food.  Cinco de Mayo is next week.  Why not start with blancos (aged less than 60 days) and work you way up to anejos (aged 1 to 10 years)?  Pair the tequila with fish (chips and guacamole, too!) and enjoy!

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