{party trend} Box Food Buffet & Clip Art Decor

It pays to follow people on Twitter.  This week, I learned that yesterday's Martha Stewart Show would feature Winter Weddings ... thanks to Ritzybee who was in the audience and tweeted the good news!

So I watched the weddings segment and was inspired by two ideas (possible trends) that could easily be used for other parties and celebrations.

The first inspiring idea is the buffet "box" catering arrangement, which was designed to mimic a farmer's market; photo below.  Fitting for a wedding at Martha's Bedford farm, yes?  This presentation would look just as lovely at a shower, housewarming party or birthday celebration.  Is it just me or does this concept inpsire you to want to eat healthy, colorful foods (and grow some potted herbs)?

The second inspiring idea surprised me - decorating with clip art!  In a graphic design class I started last week, I learned clip art was dead, "no one uses clip art anymore" to be exact ... unless you're David Stark, an uber-talented event planner.  He showed how to incorporate classic clip art {read: vintage, which is another party trend I'll explore next week} into table and food decor.  Look at the tall black and white floral amongst fresh flowers and fruit.  Done right, it looks gorgeous - plus it's an inexpensive option that can be created well in advance.  Genius! 

So, who ... or what inspires you?  Martha Stewart was asked this question on Wednesday's show by a Dreamers in Doers conference attendee.  Her response was that she never takes the same street twice, that inspiration is all around us.  I agree!

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