Great Get-Togethers

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon hosted by The Dandelion Patch.  Held at the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner, this fabulous luncheon featured a brief presentation by Anna Post of the Emily Post Institute.  Ms. Post spoke about her recently released book, Great Get-Togethers.  She offered sage advice, of which two items resonated with me:

Entertaining is about having a good time, being in good company, enjoying yourself.

Turn on the music about 30 minutes before the start of your party or celebration.  It will allow you to transition from a frenzy of last-minute preparations to a relaxed host or hostess. [An important tip for novice or seasoned hostesses alike].

I began reading the book over the weekend.  From the first page Ms. Post shares practical advice for successful entertaining like "Start simple and grow with experience".  It reminds me of my constant mantra "keep it simple" (though that's not always the final result).  I'd like to know "what is your mantra" when planning a party, how do you remain sane and enjoy yourself? 

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