Memorial Day Recipes

Saturday is the unofficial start of summer; are you ready to celebrate?  If not, I have a few recipes to share for a simple gathering of friends or picnic at the park!

Local caterer, Windows Catering, did a segment this week on NBC4 on Memorial Day picnics.  They suggested easy-to-make fare like Chicken Wraps, Granola Bars, FlutterNutter Sandwiches and Frozen Grapes.  See the video and then look at the easy recipes.

I received Wegman's Menu magazine yesterday.  It's chock full of summer recipesI'm going to make the Summer Tortelli Salad, Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Crab and Sliders.  To complement this menu, I will serve a refreshing glass of Lemonade (Ina Garten's recipe) garnished with fresh sliced fruit (oranges, blueberries and slivers of strawberries and apples) and Mixed Berry Trifle for dessert, recipe below.

Mixed Berry Trifle
I don't know where I learned to make this yummy dessert but I know that I've modified the recipe over time.

1 box of instant vanilla pudding, prepared
1 container of Cool Whip
Angel Food Cake, sliced
1 container each of strawberries (sliced), blueberries, raspberries 
Sprig of Mint (optional)

Mix vanilla pudding with 1/2 container of Cool Whip
In trifle bowl, layer cake, pudding and most of the mixed berries (2 layers)
Cover with remaining Cool Whip and garnish with a few mixed berries and mint
Viola!  It's easy to make and so good! 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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