Which SATC character reflects your party planning personality?

The release of the much-anticipated Sex and the City 2 movie spurred my thinking this morning: Which character reflects my party planning personality?  I'm more 'Charlotte' than 'Carrie' but as a mom of 3 little girls, I'm sure I've had 'Miranda' moments. 

Here's what I came up with to help you determine your party planning personality.  Do you ...

Obsess about stylish decor?  Then, you might be Carrie.
Contemplate cosmo cupcakes for your child's birthday?  Then, you might be Miranda.
Set a prim and proper [Tiffanys] table?  Then, you might be Charlotte.
Lift your 'spirits' with beefy shirtless bartenders?  Then, you might be Samantha!

Whatever your personality, make sure you enjoy the party - good times with good friends!

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